Update on my mom

Just wanted to give everyone an brief update on my mom ...

Thanks so much for praying for her.  She has been doing great.  She is in the hospital right now for her 4th and final chemo treatment.  Physically, she has responded well to the treatment and had minimal side effects.

For the sake of clarity, I thought I would let you some more specifics.  In all her scans before her treatment, the doctors could not find any cancer in her body.  These treatments were precautionary -- to kill any cancerous cells that they do not know about it.  As far as the doctors are concerned, she does not have any cancer in her body.  So, after this week, she will just go on a regular cycle of scans.  Other than that, she's already healed.  We praise God for that!  I think in all my asking for prayer for her that we did not make that clear. 

Here's how you can pray:  Continued strength during this last treatment, that her body would recover quickly, and that all her scans from here on out woutld continulaly to be clean. 

We are looking forward to Christmas break with mom not on treatments and being able to enjoy her grandkids again.  Thanks for your prayers everyone!
- Pastor Russ

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  1. As I pray vigilantly over Annabelle every night for the past 5 1/2 years even though many have told me that once was enough, I pray the same prayer (the only prayer I know) over Linda.

    I plead the Blood of Jesus over Linda that it saturates her from head to toe. Destroying the cancer within her completely and forever. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.

    In the Name of Jesus I rebuke thee! Go away cancer!! Go away!!! In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.

    Soli Deo Gloria!!!

    The CheeriO family

    We all are so proud of you, Linda!!! And,yes, Bruce her steadfast husband as well.