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Anne Weisenberger

Anne Weisenberger died early Friday morning from complications from an 18 year battle with cancer.  She and her husband, David, have been faithful members of our church for many years and she is the twin sister of Carol Herndon who is on our housekeeping staff.

There will be a visitation and viewing at McCalister's funeral home on Hwy 17 in West Ashley on Sunday from 4-6 p.m and a graveside memorial service at Old St. Andrew's Episcopal Church on Hwy 61 in West Ashley on Monday at 10:30 a.m.  You can read the full obituary here.

Please keep David, their son Bobby, Warren and Carol, and the rest of their family in your prayers.

MIssionaries are Rich

Many Americans have the impression that missionaries are poor.  There may be a bit of truth in this if we are compared only to our North American friends.  As missionaries in the developing world, however, we are frequently confronted with the real truth that no matter how much we have "given up" to go to Africa, we have so much more than most people in the world.  I remember being very sobered when I realized that the ball of mozzarella cheese that I bought for our Friday night pizza in Kenya cost more than most Kenyans make in a day.   Continue reading full article ...

Update on my mom

Just wanted to give everyone an brief update on my mom ...

Thanks so much for praying for her.  She has been doing great.  She is in the hospital right now for her 4th and final chemo treatment.  Physically, she has responded well to the treatment and had minimal side effects.

For the sake of clarity, I thought I would let you some more specifics.  In all her scans before her treatment, the doctors could not find any cancer in her body.  These treatments were precautionary -- to kill any cancerous cells that they do not know about it.  As far as the doctors are concerned, she does not have any cancer in her body.  So, after this week, she will just go on a regular cycle of scans.  Other than that, she's already healed.  We praise God for that!  I think in all my asking for prayer for her that we did not make that clear. 

Here's how you can pray:  Continued strength during this last treatment, that her body would recover quickly, and that all her scans from here on out woutld continulaly to be clean. 

We are looking forward to Christmas break with mom not on treatments and being able to enjoy her grandkids again.  Thanks for your prayers everyone!
- Pastor Russ

Baptism Service Tomorrow!

Join us for our Baptism Service tomorrow morning at 10:30 a.m.  We get to celebrate tranformed lives.  It's going to be awesome!  See you then.

Check us out tonight at 10 a.m. and give!

Check out what our friends at River Church are doing to feed kids over Christmas Break!

Join us online at 10 pm tonight.  I will be up on a crane above the West Ashley Walmart.  You can watch your pastor freeze and hopefully raise a lot of money in the process!

Join us and give:

--Pastor Russ

Welcome to world, Reese

Here's the picture of baby girl #2 from this week.
Reese Elanor Dudgeon
11.16.11  8:26 PM
8 lb 5 oz  / 22 inches
Congratulations Wes and Mandi!